Induction Training For Workplace Safety

Induction Training3Spires Safety offer occupational health and safety induction training practically and via PowerPoint presentations for various industry sectors with the aim of ensuring the induction is site specific, visually stimulating, informative, and easily deliverable.

3Spires aim to capture all area’s of critical HSE information in order to give client employee’s the best possible start on site. Such as site overviews, organisational structure, company OH&S goals, applicable legislation, site compliance, incident/accident reporting, welfare facilities, hazardous substance control, environmental focus, emergency instructions, competency requirements, disciplinary actions, named first aiders, risk assessment and method statement emphasis, weather conditions and parameters, designated waste areas, drugs and alcohol, vehicles on site, working at height, manual handling, and personal protective equipment.

During the process of putting together induction training our 3Spires health and safety consultants ensure they approach senior management/site workers to ascertain what hazards in the workplace exist and document this health and safety feedback to make the induction site specific and additionally reflect on the potential for improvements.

Our step by step approach for induction training starts with “be prepared” – is a projector needed or a white board? after all a picture paints a thousand words. Is all HSE induction material printed and available? has the delivery of the induction been practiced? are you familiar with any technical equipment you are using for your HSE presentation? has it been PAT tested? and lastly be aware of your facilities and building protocols available to you such as toilets, first aid kits, fire alarms and muster points.

“Delivery” – try to keep it short and concise where possible to hazards you know exist, greater details for hazard controls can be delivered at alternative desk top training sessions. Always try to deliver the induction actually at the site the information is relevant for, this ensures new starters are instantly familiar with their surroundings. Be passionate and expressive in your delivery and ask a few open HSE questions so the induction is not all one way. This ensures self education in regards to safety at work.

“Technology” – try and be as creative and vivid as you can with your induction, perhaps a short video, images, of what can go wrong in a work place?

“Post Induction” – lastly endeavour to deliver some induction material for the inductees to take away with them, such as pocket sized booklets on hazards in the workplace. Additionally ask questions when out on site visits and inspections as to test the knowledge of workers. This essentially builds a strong HSE culture across the project.

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